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12 Gifts to Get You Going in 2014

Chet Holmes® had a theory about conducting business in the spirit of always giving. He believed that his success in business constantly stemmed from this sentiment, “Always give away your best stuff for free. That’s the only way they’re going to come back for more.” (#chetism) So in continuing this CHI tradition we are sharing 12 valuable ‘Chetmas’ gifts with you in the hope that you’ll take them and turn your 2014 in your best year ever. Merry ‘Chetmas’ to all!

#1.  If your 2014 Business Plan is still not committed to paper, here is a special segment that speeds you through the process—the “QwikHit 2014” is a 10-minute annual planning breakthrough.

You’ll uncover:

  • The richest low-hanging fruit in your business
  • The long-term strategies YOU MUST implement now to get the edge on your competition


#2.  Learn the 12 skills that are absolute musts for every single CEO and entrepreneur. Ring in the New Year with this trademark Chet Holmes International session that puts the plan in your hands to achieve quantifiable results in 2014. Join our CEO Mastery Training normally $229- now just $92 until December 31st, 2013! CLICK HERE to learn more.

#3. A BIG part of the success you’ll find in 2014 will come from utilizing outside resources to learn or re-learn the skills drive sales in today’s economy. Learn more about the power of executive coaching in this NEW white paper, “The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach”.  DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER NOW

#4. To get TRANSFORMATION going within your organization you must quickly:

  • Identify the “Constraining Factors” impacting you and your organization
  • Develop a “Strategic Growth Plan” that lays out a road map for future growth and success
  • Access “Education-based Marketing” strategies and techniques to create new opportunities
  • Refine your “Ultimate Strategic Position” to level the competition
  • Build a dynamic “Best Buyer” Strategy

Transform your business in 2014 with this combo punch of training and coaching called The Accelerated Growth System. LEARN MORE

#5. There are a certain number of buyers in EVERY industry that are the ideal candidates for your product or service - imagine how much you could grow by laser focusing on just those buyers who truly understand the value you bring to them.

As the 5th gift we’re giving you a 60-minute “Who is Your Dream Client?” Strategic Coaching Session! You’ll define who your ‘dream client’ is and quantify the impact on your sales if you implement this targeted strategy. This maximizes the potential impact of a BEST BUYER STRATEGY. CLICK HERE for your FREE ‘Dream Client’ session.

#6. Get prepped for your FREE Strategic Coaching Session by first reading this important report, Defining Your “Dream Buyer” now. It outlines The Chet Holmes® Method™ to focus on and capture your dream clients.

ACCESS THIS IMPORTANT REPORT and worksheet to set the stage for your success in 2014 by learning how to attack your prospects.

#7. Get ahead of the curve by learning how to SHOW your clients why your solution is the best out there in this white paper “The Power of Education Based Marketing: How an Effective Core Story Can Catapult Your Business”CLICK HERE.

#8. Get a 1-hour strategic evaluation with an education-based marketing specialist from The Core Story™ team. Put education-based marketing to work for your business in 2014. CORE STORY EVALUATION

#9. The 9th gift of ‘Chetmas’ is a FREE LIVE, 1-on-1 “22-minute breakthrough” session with one of our expert consultants. In this free session, we GUARANTEE that we will help you find at least 1 major breakthrough for your company, to position you for record breaking revenues in 2014. FREE 22-MINUTE BREAKTHROUGH

#10. A Chet Holmes® Method™ trained, certified business coach works with you to identify and provide concrete pathways for additional profits, no matter what industry or stage you are in.  Get The Ultimate Growth Plan (UGP) for $1495 ($4,000 VALUE)… but only pay $495 down to get started. The balance of $1,000 isn’t paid until after we’ve conducted your custom growth plan review and you are 100% satisfied. GET THIS OFFER NOW

#11.  Gift #11 is a 14-day FREE trial to the Ultimate Sales Mastery System training platform. A comprehensive approach to training that has helped sales organizations generate millions.

Offer includes:

  • 14 day complimentary, no obligation “test drive” of the system
  • Assigned “success advisor” to help you navigate through


#12. The final gift of Chetmas will help you increase productivity, reduce overhead and grow your company faster - all by simply going virtual with our Take it Virtual! system. Get a FREE consultation ($229 value) to discover how easy and valuable it would be to take your company virtual in 2014! FREE TIV CONSULT

Hurry- these AMAZING gifts expire December 31st, 2013!

To your success!

Your Chet Holmes International Team

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