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Put the Full Press on Stress

A Scientific Standpoint on How to Gain the Most Supreme Growth Mindset in the Universe

“Stress will kill you.” We’ve all heard it. So, in essence because we own a business or became an executive, are we making the conscious decision that we are fine with dying a bit earlier than those taking the easier route? We’re smart people. Seems like an incredibly poor decision. I’d like you all to have a bountiful long life by changing your perspective on stress; one that uses stress as the great motivator—just by changing our belief system.

If we are cut from the same cloth, you actually welcome stressful situations, thriving on the blood-pumping excitement that forces you to rise to challenges in un-thought of, innovative ways. When there are levels of stress that most others crumble under, I feel a sense of calm and clarity that allows for decisive action in a manner that is completely on target. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone you stretch in ways you never imagined possible.

In fact, I believe managed stress, physiologically and intellectually, is absolutely necessary for growth and change. Think of it physiologically, whether it’s muscle or intellect, or anything else, stress ignites change. Change is the single most reliable constant of nature. It’s how we handle it, and how we channel it that’s important. Stress is one of the most misunderstood tools.

Think about it this way. Remember that feeling in sports of being “in the zone”—where you are in an optimal mental and physical operational state in complete absorption of the activity at hand? This place you are in is obvious because it is characterized by tunnel vision (laser focus), full involvement, and, frankly, pure joy. Wahoo, do I love that place! It makes me smile like a 3-year-old.

Why is any of this important? Because studies have shown that 85% of health problems are related to stress. But new light on this subject found in even more recent studies that it is actually our belief in the side effects of stress that determines whether we will get the good side of the stick or the other. In other words, if you have high stress and believe it will harm you, then you are 43% more likely to die from it. On the other hand, if you believe it won’t, then you have the lowest risk. By flipping your perspective, by turning anxiety into adrenaline, you’ll turn it into recyclable fuel for motivation that the most successful business people in the world readily tap into to achieve unprecedented greatness—over and over again.

Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

Watch this TedTalk by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal to get the facts firsthand. Because you can literally change your physical reaction to stress and the repercussions stress wields on your being, putting the odds in your favor. Basically, those stress responders of heart racing and increased breath are your body’s way of getting you prepared to handle whatever comes at you by giving you more blood and oxygen physically. And if you are intellectually in the right mindset it promotes confidence, calm and courage.

You made the choice to take the leap into a larger role of business leadership or ownership. You didn’t make it lightly. The amount of time, energy and effort to get there and to keep it running is exorbitant. If the stress isn’t high, most likely you have stagnated or are about to. Create breakthrough moments by creating managed stress focused on innovation, change and growth. Fight to make what you do more impactful with the highest levels of meaning possible. Be the risk taker you were born to be, but do it with extreme measures of intelligence. This is a growth mindset at its best.

“One thing we know for certain,” states Kelly McGonigal, “chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort.”

As your Chief Marketing Officer here, I say, “Learn, stretch, strive and just plain GO FOR IT WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!”

As a bonus, I’ve collected a few techniques to get you into the zone.

Click here to access the 6 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone 

By Shiloh Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at Chet Holmes International

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